Catalyst Trade

Here are Catalyst Trade, we are building a world-within-a-world where people are treated fairly, where promises are kept. We’re a team of people who love to work, and love to rest. We believe that if we pay our employees at the top of the range of our capabilities, give them subsidized healthcare, and support their dreams, the company will be successful long-term.

A business owned by Ethiopians and Americans, and led by a woman, we take equity and respect seriously. We are building a company that does not discriminate based on age, gender, size, race, political affiliations, or any other identity. Your skills and dedication, hard work and creativity: these are the parts of you we seek to honor by giving you meaningful work and rewarding it appropriately.

We are vertically integrated with Ethiopian coffee and expanding into Kenya and Peru. We are known for our over-the-top Quality Control practices and our story-driven message. Company Core Values are:

  • Sustainability (Long term thinking)
  • Excellence (Doing everything as well as possible and constantly improving)
  • Innovation (Creative problem-solving)

We are growing fast and hiring carefully. Thank you for considering us as a potential employer.