Neumann Gruppe USA, Inc.

Rothfos Corporation is the premier supplier of green coffee beans to roasters across North America and a customer-focused provider of services across the supply chain.

As part of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG)—the world’s leading green coffee services group—Rothfos is meaningfully connected to a global network of sister companies that include farms, importers, exporters and statistical units, all following green coffee from the tree to the roaster.

Founded in 1991, our nearly three decades of experience enable us to provide essential market information, industry analysis, sophisticated financial solutions and services including supply chain management, quality control, insurance and futures guidance.

Our expertise, combined with our history, global resources and relationships make us unique in the industry. And we’re proud that coffee is not only our business and our passion, but for 75 years has been the single, steadfast focus of NKG.

This singular focus means we’re deeply committed to the future of coffee, and with NKG and trusted partners, we’re invested in traceable and certified coffees, as well as sustainability-focused projects that we’ve helped to implement, manage and measure.