Coffeebar was born in the granite of the High Sierras in Truckee, CA 2010. We are a radically inclusive, community-focused café that serves up the fuel that propels you throughout the day. We are skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, coffee geeks, surfers, yogis, bikers, latte artists and all-around adventure seeking, ass kickers who are focused on making a positive difference in the communities in which we serve our special brand of hospitality!

Internally we are highly focused, goal-driven team striving to connect the dots from farmer to guest by bringing high quality, sustainably sourced coffee, food and wine to our guests. We are running a fast growing, profitable, self-sustaining company that bridges the gap from Reno to the Bay. 

Externally we are passionate, selfless hospitalians always at the ready to provide our guests with the most intimate of experiences in our fast paced, Italian-inspired café environment. We believe that we are only as good as the next cup that we make. We exist to make our guests feel that every Coffeebar experience gives them everything they need to feel welcome in our world.

Coffeebar Core Values

At Coffeebar, we bring together our passion for good food, good coffee, and good company to create a traditional Italian café experience. Everything we do is guided by five core principles:

  • Passion – A constant pursuit of knowledge, a desire to be one of the best, and a willingness to sacrifice to achieve your goals and the goals of the company.
  • Hospitality – Making strangers and friends alike feel welcome and at home in our cafes.
  • Sprezzatura – The art of making something difficult seem effortless and easy.
  • Sustainability – The practice of caring for each other, our community, our vendors, and our producers, being mindful of how our products are produced and our impact on the environment.
  • Generosity – Showings up daily with intentional care toward each other and our guests. Supporting our team and guests with enthusiasm and whatever-it-takes commitment to the Coffeebar family.

Our coffee program is dedicated to seed-to-cup sourcing and purchasing coffees of the highest quality from around the world. We roast using the perfect blend of art and science, prepare with care, and serve with love. Following the tradition of Italian cafes, Coffeebar is more than just a coffee company. We offer a seasonally-rotating menu of freshly prepared food, healthy snacks, and sweet treats, all of which are hand-crafted in our kitchens using fresh, local ingredients. We serve something delicious for every time of day, from your morning coffee to your evening glass of wine.

Jun 05, 2024
Full time
$60 - $70 yearly
Head Roaster    As the Head Roaster, you possess high-level technical competence in production roasting and the manipulation of flavor profiles. You demonstrate passion for increasing knowledge and continuously seeking to improve the quality of our product. You are a master of the internal logistics required to ensure the smooth movement and distribution of product throughout the company.  Responsibilities include all of those associated with a Production Roaster, but with an expected ownership of all facets, from inventory management to final quality control. You must efficiently operate the roastery, including managing Production Roasters and Assistant Production Roasters, and guiding production from the arrival of raw product to the distribution of finished product.    Roasting Proficiency: Most Importantly, the Head Roaster at Coffeebar will demonstrate a depth of knowledge and ability that will allow Coffeebar to remain in the vanguard of the...