Origin Coffee Bar

Our goal is to use Origin as a vehicle to love and serve our community.

Every month we take a portion of our profit to help feed the local houseless community. As we have been developing our food menu, we have been able to use all of our bread samples to create lunches for those in need. In addition to these initiatives, we are also working with Inpiritus – a beautiful organization that helps refugees find employment. With the amount of war that the world is witnessing in real-time, being able to employ four refugees upon opening is one of our greatest honors. We can't wait to see how this effort grows. We know this is just the beginning.

Proudly started as a mobile coffee duo, Origin Coffee Bar is fueled by a commitment to focusing on the good through providing top-tier specialty house-roasted coffee and delicious brunch in a curated, inspiring space in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Our founders, Elise and Matt, are lovers of coffee and their community. When they got married, they sought high and low for a coffee offering for their big day to no avail. This is where the original concept of Origin was born.

Soon after launching their own mobile coffee bar in 2020, they established their first long-term pop-up location in a shared space. The team grew and they dialed in their focus on providing a space for everybody and purposing this business as a way to give back to their neighbors in need of Savannah.

As of 2023, Origin has grown into a beautiful restored space of its own in downtown Savannah complete with a full kitchen and roastery.