Curated is on a mission to help people find exactly what they’re looking for

Whether it’s your first snowboard, a brand new baby stroller, or a much needed upgrade to your espresso machine – shopping is hard when the stakes are high. We make it easy by connecting customers with Real Experts who can answer their needs faster. 

Curated is the home of America’s biggest community of Real Experts

Real Experts aren’t sales assistants. They’re people living ordinary lives, who also happen to be obsessively passionate about something.  They have real, on-the-ground, lived experience — they’re not proficient in coffee, they’re fluent in it.

Making high-stakes purchases easier is only the beginning

Our Real Experts connect with customers in ways that would be unimaginable in any other retail context. They work hard to understand your needs, trade stories, help make plans, and keep in touch. 

It’s why customers are obsessed with Curated – and why our Real Experts have a 4.96 average star rating over 85,000+ reviews.

Become a Curated Expert

Turn your knowledge into reliable income.  Connect with customers and experts.  Build a community.

Nov 18, 2023
$1,024 - $8,033 monthly
Curated Remote
Become a Curated Expert    Turn your knowledge into reliable income.   Connect with customers.  Recommend products. Get paid. Curated is a marketplace that connects people shopping for products with experts on those products.  As an Expert, you learn about a customer’s needs, then pair them with the right gear. If your customer buys through Curated, you earn commission and tips. Your work is entirely mobile - you can earn from anywhere with WiFi. You'll enter a supportive community of people who share your obsessions, and build your own business on the strength of your knowledge and passion. What is a Curated Expert Curated Experts are passionate individuals who are interested in helping customers understand and execute with confidence on high consideration consumer purchases.  Sure a customer could read thousands of reviews and open 500 tabs, but we believe people prefer to talk through difficult decisions with another human being, who knows their stuff, and...