Caravela Coffee

Since 2002, when we opened our first export operation in Colombia, we have focused exclusively on sourcing high quality coffee from Latin America.  Today, we have our own sourcing and exporting operations in 7 countries, from Mexico to Peru. 

With teams on the ground in each of these countries, as well as our import operations in Australia, UK, USA and Taiwan, we control the supply chain from the farm-gate to the roasters door, being able to efficiently deliver a wide selection of coffees to satisfy any coffee roasters needs, be it a consistent blend component, a single-origin with a unique story or an exotic microlot with exciting flavors. 

We have chosen to work primarily with small-holder farmers, as these famers tend to consistently produce some of the best coffees available but traditionally had to sell their coffee to intermediaries or coyotes, never being able to earn full value for their coffees. 

To guarantee the quality and consistency of every single bag we sell, and to pay each grower what they deserve, we separate each lot we purchase and perform rigorous physical and cup quality controls, grading coffees according to cup quality, profile and region.  This also allows us to provide full transparency and traceability to our roaster partners, ensuring a fair game for all. 

Jul 21, 2022
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Caravela Coffee
About Caravela   Caravela Coffee is a team of over 200 coffee professionals located in 11 different countries, with our own export operations in 7 Latin American countries and 4 import operations in Australia, North America, Taiwan and the UK. Our goal is ‘To Make Coffee Better’ for all of those involved, from the communities where coffee is grown to the coffee drinkers, based on five main principles: quality, transparency, traceability, education and sustainability.    What we do Unlike most green coffee traders out there, we don’t just buy and sell coffee for a living.  We connect the most talented coffee growers and the most professional coffee roasters, developing true partnerships that lead to improved quality, profitability and sustainability for the entire coffee chain.   How we do it     We achieve this by working directly with close to 4 thousand small and medium sized coffee farmers in 7 Latin American countries,...