Caravela Coffee

About Caravela 

Caravela Coffee is a team of innovating pioneers deeply committed to de-commoditizing coffee.  

What we do 

We pursue BETTER COFFEE for all by making speciality coffee as prosperous as it is delicious.  

At Caravela Coffee, our work goes beyond buying and selling coffee. We are a collective of coffee experts working to create and deliver as much value for the speciality coffee network as we can imagine. We connect the most talented coffee growers and the most committed coffee roasters, developing long-term partnerships that lead to improved quality, sustainability, and prosperity.  

How we do it 

We achieve this by working directly with close to four thousand small and medium-sized coffee farmers, providing them with education, technical assistance, access to, and feedback from the world's most respected and renowned coffee roasters. Our aim goes beyond increasing coffee farmers' incomes; we seek to uplift the communities they call home and enhance their quality of life. Simultaneously, we are devoted to offering coffee consumers a superior and more sustainable product, realizing our commitment to mutual growth and prosperity. We have been BCorp-certified since 2014 and have been named 'Best for the World' by B Labs for six consecutive years from 2016 to 2021.