Crop To Cup Coffee Importers

Crop to Cup Coffee Importers was founded in 2006 to support smallholder farmers in Uganda who were interested in producing for specialty. Since then we have grown to represent 140 communities across 15 countries to the North American specialty coffee community. 

Our main office, QC lab and importing showroom is in Brooklyn, NY - with a staff of eight. We also have a satellite office + Lab in Chicago, IL - with a staff of two.  We specialize in representing smallholder communities from motivated producers in underrepresented producing regions across the coffee belt.  Visit our website ( or instagram (@croptocup) for more. 

We also have a sister ecommerce business ( which is a resource for micro, nano and home roasters. In 2017 we created a sub brand called Arc Roasters, which markets professional tools for coffee labs.  Arc Roasters are sold in 22 countries across the world.  


May 16, 2023
Full time
Crop To Cup Coffee Importers Hybrid (Chicago, IL, USA)
Job Description: Our work at Crop to Cup revolves primarily around the goal of extending a genuine invitation to smallholder producers across the coffee belt to participate in specialty coffee.  Our work within producing countries to that end, is quite varied and contextually informed, but domestically our charge is quite simple - to represent these producers and their coffees to the best of our ability.  We are their marketing agents. This translates into building relationships with the N. American (US + Canada) roasting community, engaging them in our work, and demonstrating our progress (overcoming quality and quantity challenges) over the course of our work with producers.  It's important to recognize that we are not coffee hunters (cup chasers), that we will meet a producer where they are (from a quality perspective) and import a range of qualities - with our spot offers representing coffees that score 85+ on our tables.  From our vantage, specialty coffee is not...