Caravela Coffee

About Caravela Coffee

Caravela Coffee is a team of over 200 hundred coffee professionals located in 11 different countries, with our own export operations in 7 Latin American countries and 4 import operations in Australia, North America, Taiwan and the UK. Our goal is 'To Make Coffee Better' for all of those involved, from the communities where coffee is grown to the coffee drinkers, based on five main principles: quality, transparency, traceability, education and sustainability.

What we do

Unlike most green coffee traders out there, we don't just buy and sell coffee for a living.  We connect the most talented coffee growers and the most professional coffee roasters, developing true partnerships that lead to improved quality, profitability and sustainability for the entire coffee chain.

How we do it

We achieve this by working directly with close to 4 thousand small and medium sized coffee farmers in 7 Latin American countries, constantly providing them with education, technical assistance and access to the world's best coffee roasters around the World, paying premium prices for their best coffees. The results are a better coffee world, with growers and the communities where they live receiving increased incomes and a higher quality of life and coffee consumers drinking a better and more sustainable product.

Our model has been validated as a high impact model by BCorp since 2014, being the highest rated coffee BCorp in the World. We have been named a 'Best-For-the-World' company by BLabs for five years in a row.