Mad Priest Coffee Roasters

To curious people who are sick of the bland, corporate, heretical coffee experience, Mad Priest Coffee Roasters is the unconventional, creative, sacred coffee choice. While we may be irreverent, we always take our coffee and our mission seriously. Because we are mad about injustice, especially societal inequality...and bad coffee.

Michael and Cherita Rice started Mad Priest Coffee Roasters in 2015 as a small-batch specialty coffee roasting company + a social enterprise with the mission to “Craft excellent coffee. Educate the curious. Champion the displaced.” and we currently operate our roastery and two retail locations in Chattanooga, TN.

From the beginning, our goal has been to run a sustainable, for-profit business with a triple bottom line that includes social and environmental goals alongside the economic ones. We are righteously indignant about racism & inequality in our country as well as the current unprecedented global refugee crisis. This includes hiring resettled refugees & ex-cons, and working alongside our community partners on larger issues of social justice & equity. When it comes to the environment, we are greenlight certified, we've implemented a coffee bag recycling rewards program for our customers, and our used coffee grounds, burlap coffee sacks, and coffee chaff go to local farmers.

We source the high quality coffee beans through the best specialty importers from some of the most responsible farms around the world. And we roast our unique coffees from emerging origins in South America, Africa, and Asia to bring out the best characteristics of each bean. We have Specialty Coffee Association certifications, multiple coffee awards, years of experience in the industry, and we are constantly continuing our coffee education. But most of all, we want to make the best quality coffee accessible and approachable for curious people from every race & culture.

Coffee for the curious. #GetMad