Head Roaster

$60 - $70 yearly
  • Coffeebar
  • Jun 05, 2024
Full time Roasting/Production

Job Description

Head Roaster 


As the Head Roaster, you possess high-level technical competence in production roasting and the manipulation of flavor profiles. You demonstrate passion for increasing knowledge and continuously seeking to improve the quality of our product. You are a master of the internal logistics required to ensure the smooth movement and distribution of product throughout the company.  Responsibilities include all of those associated with a Production Roaster, but with an expected ownership of all facets, from inventory management to final quality control. You must efficiently operate the roastery, including managing Production Roasters and Assistant Production Roasters, and guiding production from the arrival of raw product to the distribution of finished product. 


Roasting Proficiency: Most Importantly, the Head Roaster at Coffeebar will demonstrate a depth of knowledge and ability that will allow Coffeebar to remain in the vanguard of the specialty coffee scene.

  • Ability to match profiles and roast curves to a high level. Competency with Cropster roast tracking software, and an ability to adapt roasts based on external factors (climate conditions, roaster warm up, etc) and maintain consistency in production
  • High-level understanding of roast manipulation theory. Demonstrates a more advanced knowledge of reactions happening during a roast cycle, as well as possible effects of different manipulations (heat, airflow, pressure, etc).
  • High-level understanding of the development of new roast profiles. Has a high level of knowledge regarding Coffeebar-specific roasting theory. Ability to use experience and a comprehensive knowledge of roast theory to begin crafting roast profiles for new coffees.
  • Competency with basic roaster maintenance. Demonstrated knowledge on operation protocol, including warm up and cool down cycles, and more minor maintenance operations (chaff collections, cooling tray maintenance, etc). Experience with more major maintenance protocols (pipe cleaning, greasing, etc).
  • Awareness of safety measures for roaster operation.
  • Familiarity with green coffee logistics. Understanding of Cropster green inventory management software. Familiarity with green coffee ordering process.


Production Oriented Tasks: Most Importantly, Head Roaster will be a master of logistics, and will be continuously seeking new ways to improve the efficiency of Coffeebar's operations

  • Competency in order fulfillment. Efficient and error-free bagging and coffee preparation.
  • High level organizational abilities. Efficiency and accuracy with green bean inventory management and blending. Clear organization of roasted batches and on-hand inventory. Ability to manage and delegate work to roastery staff in order to keep production running smoothly
  • Production scheduling. Understanding of inventory and ordering procedures. Familiarity with volumes and inventory tracking. Ability to convert weekly orders into a roast production schedule, including accurately calculating required weekly roasts and efficiently organizing calculated daily roasts.
  • Order fulfillment and delivery. Can accurately distribute coffee for delivery to all Coffeebar locations


Quality Control: Most importantly, a Head Roaster will have their eyes on Coffeebar's entire coffee program, and will always be pushing to improve the quality of the product we can deliver

  • High-level cupping ability. High level of familiarity with cupping data input. Closely calibrated to roastery standards of evaluation
  • Assists in company-wide QC. Knowledge of intended flavor profiles of all coffees in production. Participates in production QC cuppings. Demonstrates an understanding of cupping results as indicators of required roast profile changes. Ability to transfer knowledge gained on the cupping table to the roasting side, using it to improve our quality of product


Cafe Supervisor: Most importantly, to oversee and demonstrate ownership over the daily cafe internal operations, execution of service and back-end financial administration.

  • Completing weekly inventory (Sundays/Mondays)
  • Placing product orders with suppliers (including Tavern on appropriate days and communicating with staff to ensure we are fully stocked and not wasting product. 
  • Receive product orders and accurately enter all invoices.
  • Organizing & making daily deposits & change orders, counting the bank.
  • Create and publish weekly schedules.
  • Adjusting time punches and reviewing payroll on time. 
  • Checking emails and responding accordingly in a timely manner.
  • Assist staff by hopping on the floor where need be during busy or needed times.
  • Resolving customer service issues or complaints. 
  • Ensuring proper holding, storage & rotation of all items by testing and monitoring quality and guarding against waste.
  • Ensuring the lobby, restroom, roasting and tasting areas are clean and organized, as well as making sure health codes are in place.
  • Ensure retail merchandise and swag remain stocked and visually appealing at all times.
  • Ensuring that each and every customer receives exceptional service and leaves satisfied. –Leading by example in guest interactions.
  • Holding baristas accountable to service, quality standards, and presentation. Attention to detail.
  • Troubleshooting when issues arise. Placing service calls when necessary – see Emergency contact list and communicate with Facilities Manager and Financial Controller
  • Monitoring on an on-going basis potential hazards and store safety and security procedures. 

Green Sourcing:
Most importantly, oversee the company’s supply of green coffee ensuring consistency in quality, structure and flavor profile of all menu offerings while maintaining existing relationships with producing and importing partners.

  • Forecast green coffee volume needs according to seasonality. Seek to strike a balance between making sure that the company’s volume needs are met and avoiding over-booking.
  • Uphold year-round and seasonal blends following established flavor profile and component make up. Seek to obtain green coffee from sources that have supplied Coffeebar in the past.
  • Ensure that single origin menu represents a balance of producing regions and processing methods and that individual offerings cycle through approximately every four months. Give priority to repeat producers/suppliers/coffees.
  • Manage and negotiate green coffee, logistics and financing costs to ensure profitability for the Roastery
  • Seek out, vet and establish new sourcing relationships as necessary to cover gaps or volume increases in Coffeebar’s needs. Seek to work with procurement groups that provide opportunities for small scale farmers to not only reap a fair reward for their efforts, but also to grow and improve as producers.
  • Green grade, sample roast and cup samples from green suppliers for pre-shipment and arrival contracting providing productive feedback throughout the process and ensuring quality standards are met.
  • Actively work with suppliers in Guatemala to help improve quality control processes and elevate production of an emerging producer group. Coffee from this group makes up 15-20% of what Coffeebar sources for its blends and has been an ongoing project that the company seeks to support in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Required Experience

  • 3-5 years of experience in coffee roasting and management of a production team,
  • Barista experience preferred.
  • Functional knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Creating spreadsheets, & Google Drive.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Able to lift 25 pounds overhead unassisted, and 150 pound bags of green coffee with a partner.
  • Flexible availability to meet production demand (including early morning, weekends, holidays).

The compensation range for this position is $60,000-$65,000/annually.

We offer flexible schedules, health benefits and 401(k) options, free meals & swag discounts, all the coffee you can drink, room for growth and the best company culture! Making people feel great is our M.O.