Curated Coffee Expert (Remote)

$1,024 - $8,033 monthly
  • Curated
  • Remote
  • Nov 18, 2023
Contract/Freelance Entry-Level Sales/Business Development Training/Education Other

Job Description

Become a Curated Expert 


Turn your knowledge into reliable income.  

Connect with customers.  Recommend products. Get paid.

Curated is a marketplace that connects people shopping for products with experts on those products.  As an Expert, you learn about a customer’s needs, then pair them with the right gear. If your customer buys through Curated, you earn commission and tips. Your work is entirely mobile - you can earn from anywhere with WiFi. You'll enter a supportive community of people who share your obsessions, and build your own business on the strength of your knowledge and passion.

What is a Curated Expert

Curated Experts are passionate individuals who are interested in helping customers understand and execute with confidence on high consideration consumer purchases.  Sure a customer could read thousands of reviews and open 500 tabs, but we believe people prefer to talk through difficult decisions with another human being, who knows their stuff, and who can share their enthusiasm for the subject.   We are bigger than just answering questions – our marketplace is a community of people who love talking about their category, and finding the right answer for each person, in a dignified and non-judgmental way.   As an expert, you are building your own business, on the strength of your knowledge, passion and kindness to other people.  

For this founding class of Coffee & Espresso experts we are looking for applicants who have…

  • Experience working with espresso equipment (machines, grinders, accessories etc.) and can speak to the technical differences between different products. 
  • Excellent written communication skills, and the ability to connect with customers while off-shift (via cell phone or computer)
  • Strong organizational skills and are self-motivated to thrive in a remote position
  • Consistent access to a computer and reliable internet connection
  • Nice to have: Certification from the Specialty Coffee Association, Q Grader Certification, Coffee Technicians Guild, Barista Guild of America, or Roasters Guild

What you get

As a Coffee & Espresso expert, you will build your own business doing what you love. You will connect with coffee & espresso drinkers seeking machine buying advice, provide personalized recommendations, and then earn commission on every sale to your customers. Plus keep 100% of customer tips.

This position is 100% remote. You can work from anywhere with a computer and reliable Wi-Fi.

How does it work

Curated provides a platform where you, as an Expert, can connect with people seeking product advice.  Once you connect with a customer, you will chat with them to learn about their specific goals.  Based on your conversations, you will recommend the right products to fit your customer’s needs and answer questions to help them make their purchasing decision.  This human relationship can be extremely fulfilling for you and the customer – potentially the best buying experience your customer has ever had. 

Expert positions are 100% remote. You can work from anywhere with a computer and reliable Wi-Fi.

About Curated

Curated was founded in 2017 to humanize online shopping. Backed by ForerunnerGreylock, and CapitalG, we’ve built a collaborative shopping experience brought to life by passionate experts. Every shopper on Curated gets one-on-one personalized advice to find the perfect product, so they can enjoy more of what they love.

Through our expert community, Curated has created a new type of knowledge economy that enables people to earn meaningful income by sharing their expertise, from anywhere. 

Curated is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply, as we strive to build a marketplace that serves every demographic with the highest level of quality and respect.

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