Coffee Technician

  • Coffee Tech Central
  • Jul 30, 2022
Contract/Freelance Technician/Equipment Service

Job Description

Coffee Tech Central is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We are seeking independent technicians to assist in the servicing and installation of espresso and coffee equipment across rural Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, and Missouri. 

With a growing demand for installation, service repairs, and refurbishment projects at our commercial space, we are seeking to fill a position with one or several part-time independent contractor service technicians in the region. 

The position requires a personality that is hyper-focused on delivering a high-level of customer satisfaction. We are looking for techs that are able to build trusting and honest relationships with every customer.  Our goal is to be safe, clear, efficient, and fair with every customer.

Although having a deep knowledge and understanding of commercial coffee equipment and repair is ideal, a working background in plumbing, electrical, construction, automotive, small appliance repair, or a similar field is highly desired. 

Indie Techs must;

  • Work well under 12 bars of pressure or less
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Be organized and have great communication skills
  • Be willing to travel long distances (8-24hr round-trip)
  • Have a work vehicle
  • Have a cell phone w/ video chat

Payment to Technicians depend on the experience level of the independent contractor technician, along with the service call situations  and availability (emergency, weekend rates, complexity, distance, etc). 

We hope to develop relationships with technicians that can help our business learn, grow, and become the best support service within our region. 

To apply, please send your resume/work experience via email:

instagram @coffeetechcentral